Whether you're missing teeth due to age, infection or an unfortunate accident, a dental implant could be the answer to your needs. 

Nowadays, with the developments in skills and technology, dental implants have become a routine treatment for a full range of dental issues.  If you are wondering if this is for you, our dentist can advise on the most suitable option for replacing your teeth and any decision on changing the look and function of your teeth.

From replacing one tooth, multiple teeth or a complete oral rehabilitation, Dr Benjamin Barrera can assist in answering your questions, assess your suitability for this option, and explain the process to you in a way that you can easily understand.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dental Implants with Dr Barrera

Dental implants are the most advanced, modern, and tooth- like option to reliably replace missing teeth. Successfully integrated implants are securely held in the jaw bone. This means that they feel and look natural thereby enabling you to smile, eat, and speak with confidence.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a sterile titanium screw that is carefully and surgically placed into the jaw. In the right patient, the jaw bone grows around the implant, i.e. osseointegration, to securely hold it in place like a tooth root. The implant can then be restored with an aesthetic porcelain crown that looks and functions like a natural tooth.

Why should I choose a dental implant?

There are several options to replace missing teeth. Compared to more traditional options, dental implants:

  • Last longer

  • Help to restore function to the bone and reduce the rate of jaw bone loss

  • Do not require the support or preparation of other teeth which helps them to last longer

  • Look and feel natural thereby inspiring confidence

  • Are stable enough to let you chew the food you enjoy

Is a dental implant right for me?

Every patient’s needs are unique; some may need one tooth replaced, while others are looking to replace several teeth that have been missing for years. The best candidates for implants have:

  • Enough bone to support an implant and provide blood supply for healing

  • No medical conditions that may compromise implant osseointegration

  • Are dentally fit, e.g. no periodontal disease and good oral hygiene

  • No recent smoking history

Our consultation and planning process helps to ensure that dental implants are appropriate for your needs. If not, we will also talk you through your alternatives to help you make an informed decision.

In some cases complex dental implant placement may need to be referred or require additional steps.

What is involved?

Broadly the process is divided into three stages:


Your dental implant journey starts with a consultation and examination with Dr Barrera to assess your specific dental condition and answer any questions you may have. Once it is agreed that dental implants are right for you, comprehensive diagnostic records are collected for digital 3D planning. The right implants will be selected for your needs and your surgical placement guide will be 3D printed. This process maximises placement success and minimises surgical risks.


This stage is usually what patients are most concerned about, but guess what? You’ve already done the hard part when the tooth was extracted! Your implants will be placed using the latest in surgically guided technology using a keyhole technique. This ensures that the implants are placed where they were planned to go and improve your comfort during treatment and while healing.

Most patients will elect to have their treatment under local anaesthetic and be comfortable. At New Leaf Dentists, you have the added comfort and option of twilight sedation should you prefer to be asleep.


Dental implants are left unrestored for at least 3-6 months to heal, osseointegrate, and contour the soft tissue. Once this has taken place, the implant can be restored with a natural looking and feeling porcelain crown that is secured to the implant. Similarly specially made dentures can be secured or stabilised to dental implants providing the ultimate in comfort and security for denture patients.

Are there any risks?

As for any surgery, there are risks which will be thoroughly discussed with you at your appointment. On very rare occasions, post- operative infections, broken implants and components, or even rejection of the implant can occur. Every chance is taken to reduce these and other risks through careful planning, sterile and minimally invasive surgical technique, and following strict hygiene and sterilisation protocols.

How much are they and will my health insurance give me a rebate?

Each case is unique and the costs vary depending on the requirements of your treatment. The best way to provide you with an estimate is once the planning stage is complete.

Treatment is completed in stages which helps to spread out the costs. Payment plans are also available to suitable applicants.

To find out more, contact our reception team on 02 4367 6222 or send an email enquiry to

Health fund cover varies greatly depending on the provider and level of cover that you’ve selected. Patients with major dental cover may find that a portion of their dental implant treatment is eligible for a rebate. Please check with your provider to find out what your policy covers.

Please note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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Consultation with

with Dr. Benjamin Barrera

About Dr Barrera

Dr. Benjamin Barrera BSc, BOH (DentSc), GradDipDent

Dr. Benjamin Barrera received his dentistry qualifications from Griffith University, Queensland after completing a Bachelor of Science at Sydney University. Trained in all aspects of dentistry, he provides general and specialised treatment to New Leaf Dentists’ patients including dental implants, Invisalign clear aligners, dento-facial injectables (wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers, clenching/grinding), among others.

Dr. Barrera’s appeal to his patients is well regarded. He places an emphasis on attention to detail and looking after patients in a caring, gentle, and comprehensive manner. One of his fundamental beliefs is in taking the time and clearly explaining what you as his patient will need and should expect.


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