Dental Implants

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Consultation with

with Dr. Benjamin Barrera

Why dental implants?

As your dentist, our goal is not just to give you a better and healthier smile, but to give you a solution that can help improve your quality of life.  Whether you're missing teeth due to age, infection or an unfortunate accident, a dental implant could be the answer to your needs. 

Nowadays, with the developments in skills and technology, dental implants have become a routine, safe and effective treatment for a full range of dental issues.  If you are wondering if this is for you, our dentist is best placed to advise on the most suitable option for replacing your teeth and any decision on changing the look and function of your teeth.

From replacing one tooth, multiple teeth or a complete oral rehabilitation, Dr Benjamin Barrera can help answer your questions, assess your suitability for this option, and explain the process to you in a comfortable environment.  


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